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Helping pre-teen and teen girls find their best selves

Through her counseling services, Barbara Carr-Goodman assists pre-teen and teen girls and young women with emotional, social, behavioral, and academic issues. Her services aim to enhance the well being and strengthen the relationships of individuals and families.   

With a strong belief in the resiliency of girls and a focus on building their strengths and positive coping strategies, Barbara Carr-Goodman provides support and guidance for girls as they embark on the journey of becoming the person they are meant to be.   

Barbara Carr-Goodman LCSW, ACSW

Clinical Social Worker & Psychotherapist

Barbara Carr-Goodman is an experienced clinical social worker, school counselor, and psychotherapist who has been working with pre-teens and teens for over 20 years. She has extensive knowledge and skill in helping young people and their families with emotional, social, behavioral, and academic issues. In particular, she has developed a comprehensive practice around assisting girls navigate the often challenging terrain of adolescence and become their best selves.  


Her areas of practice include peer and friendship issues, family conflict and communication, social skill development, stress, anxiety, depression, learning challenges, bullying, loss and grief, and body image and health issues. Ms. Carr-Goodman draws from a variety of therapeutic frameworks to best meet the needs of her client. These include family systems theory, Adlerian theory, resiliency theory, and therapy models such as psychodynamic therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and solution-focused brief therapy.


In addition, through her work as a school counselor, Ms. Carr-Goodman has planned and executed many leadership building, group dynamics, and self-esteem programs. Her vast knowledge of the various academic settings in the Dallas community inform her understanding of issues of school placement and transitions for middle and high school students. 


Ms. Carr-Goodman holds a BA in Psychology and a Master's in Social Work from the University of Texas in Austin. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and holds credentials as an independent practitioner from the Academy of Certified Social Workers.



Adolescence can often be a challenging time for girls and their families. It is sometimes hard to cope with all of the changes that take place during the teenage years, and it can be difficult to talk about the effect they have on girls' emotional, social, behavioral, and academic well being. Counseling provides a safe way of listening and allowing girls to share and discuss their worries, questions, and hopes without judgment. It is a forum to support and encourage girls to be optimistic and resilient, and to develop the skills and confidence to better cope with the problems, challenges, and stress they face. Counseling enables girls to discover different options and perspectives, and helps reframe thinking patterns into ones that are more productive and beneficial. It takes courage to decide to enter counseling, but it is a process from which girls often emerge stronger, happier, and more confident. 

Individual Therapy 
Crisis Intervention

Help girls manage emotions and behaviors, and take action to find comfort and balance in their lives


Assist girls in setting and achieving goals to improve sense of well being, increase self-knowledge, enhace coping capabilities, improve relationships, and create positive change


Respond to critical situations at home or school to help restore stability and functioning

Family Therapy

Help family members better understand each other and connect in stronger and more loving ways


Assist families in improving communication and conflict resolution skills


Assess and develop action plans for girls and families to strengthen communication and coping strategies


Provide short-term consultation on individual and/or family stressors and strengths to restore optimal functioning 

Case Managment

Provide and support links between girls, parents, schools, physicians, other child/adolescent professionals, and additional community partners to develop a comprehensive system of resources 


Develop, implement, and regularly review case plans that focus on the connection between individual and/or family well being and the larger social environment


Counseling for Health & Wellness

Concorde on the Creek

6750 Hillcrest Plaza Drive Suite 302

Dallas, Texas 75230

Tel: 214-212-1412



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